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Tips For Clearing Actuarial Exams

Tips For Clearing Actuarial Exams

Actuarial exams are considered very difficult to pass and the pass rates generally vary depending on Society:

INDIAN SOCIETY Result: Vary from 10 % to 20%

UK SOCIETY Result: Vary from 30% to 50 %

Also most exam takers are also studying (Doing Graduation), so managing the studying and simultaneously passing the exams can pose a real challenge. So I am writing down some study tips that I hope will be useful for students who are appearing for the paper. These are based on my own personal experiences.


This is a well-known fact! You can never pass any examination until you are thoroughly familiar with the concepts. Only if one has understood the concepts clearly, can one apply them to a numerical problem.


It is impossible to start studying at the last minute and pass an exam unless the exam concepts have been studied in a prior exam, or course in college.


Live and breathe for the exam atleast four months before the exam date. Make it an integral part of your life and daily routine (be it half an hour or one hour a day).


Start a group studty with your friends or collegue so that it helps in motivate you to do more and more questions and also helps you in clear concepts


  • Keep the last two weeks before the exam only for revising concepts and doing old exam problems, don’t cram any topic at the last minute because our brain will not accept it
  • If you don’t have time to cover each and every topic then go through what you have already covered
  • Relax your mind one day before the exam


  • Spare a few minutes at the very beginning so that you can go through paper , underline the important parts of the problems
  • Use black pen and it doesn’t matter whether your handwriting Is good or not , but it should be neat
  • Tackle the problems with the concepts you know best first so that you have guaranteed yourself some points right at the beginning
  • Don’t panic! Stay cool!
  • The exams are difficult and accept that they are, Keep a positive attitude
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