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  1. The main goal of a resume is to concisely describe how your experiences and education are relevant to the position for which you are applying.


  2. proper formatting is important to ensure that a recruiter can pick out your most relevant accomplishments in the initial few seconds of scanning. A resume can make or break your job search. It’s what you need to set you apart from everyone else. So if you don’t have this in order, then you are making your job hunt much harder. You still obviously need the accomplishments, but you need to present them in a way that is clear and concise for your future employer to understand.
  3. I’m going to try and help get you started by sharing a few things I’ve been told by people who work in career services.
  4. First as an student actuary , what matter the most is how many papers of you have cleared , most of the company demand only one paper cleared but many require two as well , so a resume should go in the order that an employer would logically try to set one candidate apart from another candidate.

    The next thing you need to include in your resume is your education. You only need to write the institution that you graduated from and any academic earned.  Next, you should include your work experience, making sure that you really flesh it out. Obviously, you should list first those that are relevant like actuarial intern-ships. If there are any skills you have gained from previous jobs, you can list those too. Avoid using the first person, i.e., avoid using the word “I” in your descriptions. Try starting descriptions of past jobs with a gerund instead of using past tense verbs.Then list relevant computer skills like Excel, SAS

Question in each section are of different types as given below :

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