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Actuarial Science

  • Actuaries are one of the world’s highest paid professionals.
  • Actuarial profession is equally comparable with Engineers, Doctors, MBA, CA etc.
  • Actuarial profession has 0% unemployment rate.
  • Globally recognized profession which has an international acceptance.
  • Being part qualified, actuarial student can earn over  3.5 lakhs per annum.
  • It is a profession where jobs chase you rather than you chasing jobs.
  • Best profession along with degree programme.
  • Actuaries top the list “10 Best Jobs in 2010” reported by ‘Wall Street Journal’ and

Actuarial Science is a study of mathematics, economics and business which is studied for the purpose of understanding the practicalities of business and ways of managing financial risks in the insurance industry. Running a business is fraught with uncertainties as the companies running them have to be financially sound and also give the customers their dues. To manage these operational issues,  study of Actuarial Science comes in handy. We provide the best Actuarial Coaching in Delhi.


Mathematics, statistics and computing skills are an essential part of advanced financial and actuarial modelling and  necessary for full understanding of the theory behind the modelling. So, they form a natural complement to Actuarial Studies. Additionally, Actuarial studies can enrich the study of mathematics and statistics. These programs are ideal for students who have an interest in mathematics and statistics, but who wish to enhance their employment prospects in the finance industry.

The course content is totally based on mathematics application.


Actuarial Science is a career which gives you edge in terms of Job recognition and pay scale.

Have you ever thought that you will choose your career just on the basis of duration? No, because being an Accountant will only make you use the numbers but as an actuary you can be a decision maker in a company.

Accountancy can many a times be pretty boring but Actuarial will never be monotonous to you, and will always make your  mind sharper and sharper. It always keeps you updated with the latest market trends and techniques.


The course is customized for Indian Market and does not provide an international view the way American CFA does. Most of the CFA aspirants aim for an I-Bank, PE firm or MNC financial powerhouse. Needless to say, most of these have international roots, affiliations or clients and involve working for international economies. They are obviously heavily biased towards the international CFA. Indian CFA does not provide an international exposure of things. If your current or prospective dream job requires you to be knowledgeable on business concept applied in developed economies like USA, the original CFA is the best bet. There are many who went through the original CFA some time back and ended up with good jobs. However, trends have changed drastically. Now Indian CFA is just another degree, which actually earn you nothing.

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