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Our Expert Faculty

Mr.Manish Malik

Director, Alpha Plus
Analysis, Probability & Statistics, JAM Stats, JAM Math, CT-3 & CT-6 Expert

A man with a great soul who has given light to millions of students. His teachings skills are just outstanding. He has given light to so many students. He is not only a teacher but a tremendous counselor, guide and philosopher who has almost changed the vision of millions of students. He is a remarkable personality with a great heart and an inspiration to all of us.

He lead the foundation of Alpha Plus in 2002.

Mrs.Vandana Batra

Algebra, IIT/JAM and Differential Expert

A woman whose smile and nature is so warm. Her teachings skills are just so perfect and excellent which have made subject like algebra so easy. Every girl wants to be a copyright of her teaching skills and is an inspiration to all of us.

Experience: 6 years

Mr.Deepak Wadhwa

N.A., Differential & Integral Calculus, D.E., Financial Mathematics, JAM Math Expert

A man at his young age whose teaching skills have made him so popular. His teachings are distinct and “bindass” attitude is fully admired. His relaxed and calm attitude towards studies is just an inspiration and his jokes are just so hilarious that made atmosphere of Alpha plus so friendly.

Experience : 5-6 years

Ms.Tanya Saluja

Bsc and Msc Mathematics Expert

A girl who is at her young age teaching the senior most subject at Alpha Plus. She is one of the descent personality. She speaks less and her actions are louder than words.

Experience: 3 years

Mrs.Savita Sehrawat

Linear Algebra, O.R., Real Analysis, L.P.P., O.D. ,P.D.E., Stats & JAM Stat Expert

A woman who is so talented, she is an all rounder in the field of Mathematics & Stats. She is one of the hard working teachers. She is pursing with her Ph.d and her teaching skills are outstanding.

Experience: 5 years

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