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                                                                                     CERTIFIED ACTUARIAL ANALYST (CAA)                                                                                                       

How can I become a CAA ?

To become a CAA, six exams need to be passed.

Module 0:

Entry test

(Candidate must pass this before they take any further module)

Module 1:

Finance and Financial mathematics

Module 2:

Statistics and Models

Module 3:

Long Term Actuarial Mathematics

Module 4: :

Short Term Actuarial Mathematics

When these modules have been passed , the candidate must then pass.

Module 5:

Models and Audit trials

The Format of these exams is as follow :

Computer Based Testing : multiple choice , Two hours

Membership Fees:

As a SAA or CAA member you will be required to pay the following fees :

Fees: Full Rate: Reduced Rate:
Admission fee £99 £69
Student Subscriptions (SAA) £170 £69
Qualified Subscriptions (CAA) £250 £69


CAA Exemptions:

Exemptions from CAA modules for the students with passes in Fellowship Examinations will be granted as follows:

Pass in: Exemption from:
CT1,CT3,CT4,CT5,CT6 (Any one) Module 0
CT1 Module 1
CT3 and CT4 Module 2
CT5 Module 3
CT6 Module 4
CA2 Module 5

NOTE : If you are a fellowship student who has completed subjects CT1 , CT3 to CT6 and CA2 . You will be able to transfer to the membership Grade of CAA at anytime.

For more information :9899991500 / 9599991900 / 9811222622

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